Frequently Question

At Car Repair Service we want to make servicing as simple, and hassle free as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team on 1-800-123-4567.

Do I have to use the body shop my insurance company chooses or can I take the car to a shop of my choice?

Insurance companies have special arrangements with many auto body repair shops in every city. However no matter what they may suggest to you, you should know that the choice is yours. Therefore, you can always have your vehicle taken to the shop of your choosing.

My vehicle suffered significant damage in an accident. However, my insurance company did not total it. After repairing, will my car still be safe to drive?

Absolutely, insurance companies will not “total” your vehicle unless the cost of repairing your vehicle exceeds a certain threshold when comparing it to your vehicle’s value. In the event that they do not total your vehicle, you can rest assured that we are in the business of placing your vehicle back to the original factory specifications after an accident. In addition to this we even warranty our work with a Lifetime Warranty. Safety is our primary concern when it comes to the customers vehicles, Upon the completion of repairs, we always test drive our customer’s cars and complete a thorough checklist of items to assure operational safety.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

This question is difficult to answer. There are many unforeseen delays that can occur in the auto repair industry. This includes difficulties in obtaining parts and delays caused by the insurance companies. However, we do our best to keep our customers in the loop throughout the process with our text notification software that updates you on the progress of the repairs allowing the customer to know what to expect. These issues aside, we will generally provide a ballpark of actual work time estimated and an expected date of completion under the ideal circumstances.

Do I need to arrange a rental vehicle myself or can the repair facility help me with this?

We have made it very convenient and built a great relationship with Enterprise Rent A Car whom we have on-site and can get you in a rental ASAP, allowing you to seamlessly go about your day.

Is there a warranty on the repair of my vehicle?

We pride the quality of our work and stand behind it. That being said all of our work comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

What if the cost of the repairs exceeds the original estimate provided by the insurance company? Who will pay for the additional expenses?

Insurance companies expect and accept “supplements” from all auto body shops, they know and understand that not all damages may have been visible when they first inspected the vehicle. Therefore, when the need arises, we will document the situation and prepare a supplemental estimate for your insurance company. Depending on the issue, they may require re-inspecting the vehicle before paying for the additional repairs.